Walter White and the Tan Windbreaker

walter white tan windbreaker _DSC5814 _DSC5806walter white tan windbreaker 2_DSC5789

The tan windbreaker… Remind you of a certain science teacher-turned-meth manufacturer (and all-around badass Uncle You Never Had)?  Not ever known for his style sense, Walter White still was able to give the lowly windbreaker a bit of menacing attitude.  Most likely because we never knew what he would pull out of the jacket’s pockets…  So if you’re stashing a vintage tan windbreaker of your Dad’s in the back of your closet or you have a new one that you figure can only look good at a golf match, I suggest skipping the Heisenberg button-down, loafers and pleated pants in favor of something more modern.  I styled this vintage Burberry with skinny jeans, a chunky scarf, Chelsea boots and some retro aviators to give it a more Parisian flair and youth.  Many of you will recognize the tote from my many Instagram pics featuring it.  I’m always lugging outfits to photo shoots or gym clothes to the gym or pillow/ipad/sweater for flights, and it’s never failed me.  It even has a shoe compartment, which I use for stashing my phone and keys… Boring, I know.  Walter White would have put that space to a much more interesting use 😉

Burberry windbreaker jacket (vintage but similar here and here) :: Tote bag (here

Photography credit :: Jonathan Jones


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