Fruit-Infused Water for Picnics


The weather has been pretty spectacular in Denver lately.  Sunny and warm, with just the right hint of Fall in the air.  I recently hosted some friends over for a rooftop picnic and, with the help of my friends at Voss Water, we created some fruit-infused waters to serve along with the mammoth amount of fruits and cheeses.  I had seen some awesome pics on Instagram of these fruit-infused waters and thought it looked a whole lot more complicated than it ended up being.  I just had to cut up the fruit (the berries I left whole) and layer them into the water.  One had layers of strawberries, lime slices and blackberries.  Another had two layers of blueberries with a layer of kiwi in the middle, and the last had chunks of watermelon interspersed with mint leaves.  The glass Voss bottles are a statement unto themselves, but adding the fruit into them just made the whole table aesthetically cohesive, and my friends went nuts over them. Bon Appétit!

This post was created in collaboration with Voss Water.

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