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Ask your girlfriend what a toner does, and she’ll most likely launch into an explanation about it being the second step in a skincare routine.  She’ll explain that you apply it after you use your cleanser but before you put on your moisturizer/serum/sunscreen/eye cream/etc./etc.  You’ll wonder if the bar of soap in the shower qualifies as a “cleanser” and why anybody would need anything more than that because that’s all you’ve been doing since you were 6 years old and your skin is fine.  Not great, really, but fine.  Like most guys, I was just cruising through life with “fine” skin and not paying much attention to what I was using on my face… until I started shaving.  That’s really when all hell broke loose, and I became part of the Men With Sensitive Skin But Never Talk About It community.  We’re the men who have sensitive skin but don’t really follow up “How about them Cubs!” with “How’s that razor burn going for you?”  We don’t really feel comfortable going up to the hot girl at Sephora and talking about how shaving is making our skin red, we have razor bumps, and our skin seems traumatized by the process.  So unless someone steps in, we just suffer through it silently and shave as little as possible.

On behalf of all my fellow Men With Sensitive Skin But Never Talk About It, I’m breaking the silence to tell you what I’ve been using to combat my razor burn.  A couple of weeks ago, Sunday Riley sent me their Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner, and I have been using it twice a day to help calm the redness in my skin.  It’s packed with botanicals, like bentonite clay, marshmallow, green tea, cucumber, witch hazel, Manuka, black cumin and magnolia bark extracts, which balance oily and problem skin conditions.  I’ve noticed that my beard area has fewer razor bumps, and my cheeks are less red after I shave.  The consistency of the Martian toner is also pretty awesome, since it comes out of the bottle like some cool green Martian gel but melts into a watery fluid when it hits my skin.  An added bonus is that it leaves my skin with a super matte finish which is perfect for photo shoots!

Sunday Riley’s Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner is available at your local Sephora or online at

This post was created in collaboration with Sunday Riley.

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