Spring Jackets I Love

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So I’ve been rockin’ these looks on Instagram lately and gotten a ton of DM’s asking what I’m wearing.  Here you go!  Both jackets are perfect for transitioning into Spring, which means they’re neither too heavy nor too light for unexpected changes in the weather (which happens every five minutes in Paris and NYC).  I’ve paired them both with the same shredded skinny jeans, chelsea boots and long black t-shirt so you can see the difference a jacket can make.  The coach coat I wear to meetings since it adds some style to a typical business look, and the short jacket I love for daytime and nighttime social events.  I also picked up a new duffel bag which has replaced my old Herschel Supply one that never left my side.  This one has plenty of room for all the things I’m toting around these days and has a simple, minimalist design for guys who don’t want a lot of logos flying around their knees.  Hope everyone is enjoying these first days of Spring!

WESC Coach coat (here)  ::  Filip Roth white jacket (here)  ::  Combatant Gentlemen duffel bag (here)  ::  Spitfire sunglasses (here)


Photography  ::  Emilio Mendoza



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