Smoking Kills T-Shirt

Frenchboy94 - Sage Goldnik - Smoking Kills T-Shirt 1Frenchboy94 - Sage Goldnik - Smoking Kills T-Shirt 2Frenchboy94 - Sage Goldnik - Smoking Kills T-Shirt 3Frenchboy94 - Sage Goldnik - Smoking Kills T-Shirt 4

We all have drawers full of graphic t-shirts.  What makes us buy one vs. another is a mystery every brand struggles with, but every guy just kind of knows which one “speaks” to him and what he wants to “say” to the world without having to say it.  I imagine this Chaser Brand shirt is one that James Dean would wear with a pack of Marlboros rolled up in the sleeve and a cig hanging out of his mouth as he posed on a Harley.  Of course, he’d be wearing it with a perfectly rugged and scratched-up black leather jacket and a pair of beat-up jeans.  Here’s my take on that look, albeit without the cigarettes and grease stains.

Chaser Brand Smoking Kills T-Shirt (here) :: Sunglasses (similar here) :: Leather jacket (similar here) (and to-die-for here)

Photography credit: Jenni Heller


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