The One Print You Need This Summer

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Every year, a certain fabric print just seems to come out of nowhere, and then it’s everywhere.  Shirts, napkins, wall art, etc. all seem to coalesce in a collective consciousness to make this print the must-have for the season.  This summer it’s the black-and-white palm print, and I know you’ve seen it everywhere because it’s pretty damn cool.  So here’s my take on it.  We shot this look during my last trip to LA, where there is obviously no shortage of palm fronds for a background.  I paired this long fishtail coat with a slim fitting tank, skinny jeans and deck shoes for a casual “I’m just headed around Malibu” look.  I think it’s important, if you’re gong to wear a print that is everywhere, that you make it your own.  Find a style that’s different, like this long coat.  Wear it to unexpected places. Or pair it with pieces that highlight it, not fight with it.  If you’re still trying to get your summer style vibe going, see below for details!

jun_8.16_-_sage2-4jun_8.16_-_sage2-5jun_8.16_-_sage2-11jun_8.16_-_sage2-10Control Sector Palm Print Coatjun_8.16_-_sage2-21jun_8.16_-_sage2-19jun_8.16_-_sage2-18jun_8.16_-_sage2-17

Control Sector fishtail jacket /  Paige jeans  /  Forever 21 shirt  /  Ralph Lauren Polo shoes  /  Versace sunglasses  /  Photography by Owen Captures 

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