A Grey Look for a Gray Day

ootd natural selection london grey jeansootd natural selection london grey jeansootd natural selection london grey jeansootd natural selection london grey jeansnatural selection london grey jeans white shirtnatural selection london grey jeans white shirt

If you’ve been following my Snapchat and Instagram, you’ll know that it’s been Paris Men’s Fashion Week here AND my “scarf” got a lot of attention from the photographers covering the shows!  It’s really just a thick, patterned poncho I picked up at Topshop a while ago but I guess I scored points with the fashion-powers-that-be for wearing it in a unique style – wrapped around my neck and thrown over my shoulder in a pretty careless way.  As well as being an attention-getter (always a plus during Fashion Week), it also served the purpose of hiding any bulk that is the natural effect of wearing multiple shirt layers.  I love a good, extra long t-shirt that peeks from under a fitted shirt but how many layers can you wear without looking kind of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man thick???  So, in this OOTD look, I’m showing you this poncho-scarf paired with a perfect pair of skinny graphite jeans and a white shirt from Natural Selection in London, plus a long black t-shirt underneath, fingerless knitted gloves and some chelsea boots  to give it a little street feel.  Natural Selection makes jeans in a bunch of different fits, so I could have gone with a little extra width in the leg, but I’m kind of stuck in a skinny jean moment which I’m sure will pass someday.  The shirt has hidden pockets at the waist under the horizontal seam which gives it just enough interesting details to remove it from the boring white oxford category.  Hope you like this look!


If you’re feeling the love for this style as much as I am, let @naturalselectionlondon know on Instagram!

Natural Selection graphite skinny jeans (here) and shirt (here)

Photography credit :: Jonathan Jones


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