The Only Sweater You’ll Need For Spring

Unless you’re a personal friend of mine, you probably didn’t know that I was born and lived the first five years of my life by the ocean in Florida.  Maybe that explains my affinity for the water (looking at the ocean – great, getting in it – not so much) and why I prefer cities that either have a beach or a river running through it.  Zurich, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Venice… All cities where the water is not exactly the prime element but always a welcome site on a walk.  I guess I was craving a bit of my old Florida roots when we did this shoot in Paris – wearing shorts in 24 degree weather, walking along the Seine, seeking out a charming little corner without tourists taking photos or French couples making out (harder than you’d think).  I chose to pair some black shorts and chukka boots with my new favorite sweater from Old Harry in an homage to the Yacht Playboy Look you’d see on the guys sitting in cafés along the Côte d’Azur or strolling the beach at Leonardo DiCaprio’s private pad in the Bahamas or sipping limoncello al fresco at George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como. The sweater is a classic fisherman’s style (which comes in a variety of colors), perfectly cut in the slim line I prefer, just the right length, and knitted in an extraordinary cotton.  It’s thin enough to layer, yet manages to be chunky enough to go solo.  For sure, I’ll be wearing it for years to come, and I can imagine it, decades from now, still in my closet.  Maybe there’ll be a few tears from the time I was wearing it playing football with friends on Thanksgiving and maybe a few stains from a bottle of red wine I shared with a girl whose name I can no longer remember.  Yeah, it’s one of those pieces that I’ll wear time and time again, and my girlfriend will steal time and time again, and that I know I’ll end up having in every color Old Harry offers.

If you’re feeling the love for this style as much as I am, let @oldharry know on Instagram!

Old Harry sweater (here)

Photography credit :: Jonathan Jones

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