Barcelona Style: Bringing Back the Poncho

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I love a good poncho.  Somehow it feels kind of fresh and modern to wear one in a world that has kicked it to the curb (along with bellbottoms and polyester which, unlike the poncho, should not make a comeback).  It’s just such an easy piece to throw on when the plane gets a little chilly but you don’t want to broil in a jacket or when you want some exotic flair for a rather mundane outfit.  I mean, I’m really just wearing jeans, a t-shirt and some Chelsea boots in these pics… so the poncho is the headliner.  Did I just step off fight from Mallorca?  A train from Barcelona?  Am I just shaking off the last dregs of a hangover that lasted from Ibiza to Paris?  None of the above, but wearing a poncho can make you look that way and add a little mystery to your life and how people see you.  And I do enjoy confusing people in a way that makes them notice my clothes and wonder who I am because, honestly, blending in is highly overrated.

Poncho :: vintage but similar (here) and I’d consider giving a kidney for (this one)

Photography credit ::  Kenneth Koo

Location :: Palais de Tokyo, Paris

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