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There’s nothing like a great bathroom in a luxury hotel.  Everything is always spotless.  There are always fresh towels.  The shower provides the perfect sanctuary after a long day of traveling.  (And let’s be honest… It’s all made that much better because, come the weekend, I’m not the one who has to clean it.)  I’m always looking for ways to recreate the hotel spa/bathroom experience in my own home, but as a renter, I can really only do so much given the property’s restrictions on alterations.  While I can’t add an amazing freestanding bathtub or a super cool vessel sink with LED lighting until I buy my own place, I’ve still been able to make some game-changing upgrades.  

In addition to buying some new ultra-thick towels and filling my bathroom with boatloads of the best men’s grooming products, I stopped by the TOTO showroom in NYC to see what options I had for changing fixtures that would afford me that luxury bath experience without putting me in breach of my rental contract.  I knew that replacing the puny shower head was a must because I love long, hot showers and am obsessed with high-quality rain showers.  After looking at all the amazing options, I decided on the TOTO 12″ Aero Rain Shower.  Featuring TOTO’s Aero-Jet Technology™ which injects air into the water to make each droplet feel more like natural rain, the Aero Rain Shower seemed the perfect luxury upgrade.  The Aero is also the widest shower head TOTO offers so it’s perfect for Sexy Shower Time with Bae 😉  Once it arrived to my apartment, I had a plumber install it (which proved somewhat unnecessary since he simply changed out the arm and screwed in the shower head, something I could easily have done myself).   My first post-installation shower proved I had made the perfect choice!  The powerful, yet gentle, dispersion of water droplets felt like I was standing under a warm tropical rainstorm in Tahiti, an utterly luxurious experience in both an aesthetic and performance sense.  

While at the TOTO showroom, I also stumbled on one of those things that you never knew existed until you learned about it, then wondered how you ever could have lived without it.  A toilet seat.  But not just any old toilet seat, THE toilet seat.  It’s actually called a Washlet®, and anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting Japan or staying in a hotel featuring a Japanese-style toilet knows that this is the ultimate in bathroom luxury.  While I couldn’t replace the whole toilet in my apartment, I definitely wanted to upgrade the seat once I saw these Washlets, so I chose the Washlet® S350e which I also had the plumber install (and again could have done myself).  Because my apartment was brand new, I didn’t really need a new toilet seat nor would I have thought to replace mine with something similar, but as I said, this is not your average toilet seat.  Imagine never having to clean your toilet (or fight over who is going to clean the toilet) again.  Imagine never having to lift the lid (or fight over who left the lid up) again.  Imagine a heated seat, front and rear warm water washing with temperature and adjustable pressure controls, automatic air deodorizer, remote control operations.  Imagine all these features contained in a minimal Japanese aesthetic, and you get the picture as to why it’s one of those refined, luxurious upgrades that seamlessly combines comfort, technology and international flair.

The ease with which I’ll be able to take these pieces with me when my lease ends was also a major factor in my choices.  I’ll simply uninstall them and replace them with the apartment’s original shower head and toilet seat which I have in storage.  I’m actually looking forward to the day I’m able to take my TOTO pieces to their new home, a home I’m hoping to buy so I can remodel the bathroom with no restrictions.  Until then, I’ll enjoy the upgrades I’ve made… and keep dreaming of that freestanding bathtub.

This post was created in partnership with TOTO USA.  Click here to find a showroom near you.



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