When Jet Lag Hits, I Head To…


It’s kind of ironic that I got my first massage last month when about the most physical thing I’m doing these days is carrying a bag down the street and posing for cameras.  Not when I was daily being crushed into the boards by some mammoth Czech hockey player, not when I was pounding my body against concrete trying a stair set on my board…  No, when I became a style blogger.  Although I certainly could have used some TLC when I was competing, I guess it was all worth the wait since my very first massage was at the L. Raphael Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC.  Knowing that I had just flown in from Paris the day before, they suggested I try their Anti-Jet Lag Oxy-Jet Energy Booster Treatment which combined a full-body, deep tissue massage with L.RAPHAEL’s proprietary Oxy-Tech II machine to oxygenate and revitalize my skin.  As anyone who flies a lot knows, your skin is left feeling like the Sahara desert, and your spirit like the camel who is crossing it, and this treatment combats both.  I can’t give you a whole lot of details about the massage itself because quite frankly, once I stretched out on the table, I went to my Happy Place and stayed there until I left an hour later feeling both insanely relaxed and energized at the same time.  The Spa itself with its opulent decor and non-intrusive staff is one of those places where you immediately feel like you should whisper and that nothing in the world could ever bother you again (although there was a fairly menacing looking guy in the waiting area with me who looked like he just came from a Knicks practice, which I thought was a damn good sign that this was the real deal when it came to massage).  It exuded luxury and a quiet reserve, none of which surprised given that it was in the Four Seasons and L. Raphael is Swiss to boot.  I called my manager the minute I left and told her, “I’ve never understood what people meant when they said they felt like a million bucks but I do now!”  My jet lag was gone, my skin was refreshed, and my body felt fantastic.

To book an Anti-Jet Lag Oxo-Jet Energy Booster Treatment at the L. Raphael Spa at the Four Seasons, click here.  To learn more about L. Raphael and see a list of international locations, click here.

My utmost gratitude to L.Raphael and The Four Seasons for this collaboration.

Photography  ::  Emilio Mendoza



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