Inspired by Fifty Shades Darker

Empire State Building 50_shades_darker_sage_goldnik_0150_shades_darker_sage_goldnik_0150_shades_darker_sage_goldnik_01

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  In honor of the Valentine’s film release of Fifty Shades Darker, I did my own homage to the book.  Aside from my never having acted before, I think I could have made a great Christian Grey.  The tortured soul, the hedonistic lifestyle, the need for perfectionism…  I’ve got all the basic elements to play the part and be pretty damn believable.  So, yeah, I’m not in the latest Fifty Shades Darker movie but I can at least play the role on my blog.  We kept it pretty tame for this shoot but we still got the Christian Grey vibes.  Shot at my friend Josh’s apartment overlooking the Empire State Building, we were looking to capture the lonely billionaire at home in the city, the conflicted moments in his love life, the inner turmoil.  Indeed, the story of my life so far… Minus the billionaire part.

Favela black overcoat  /  Combatant Gentlemen suit  /  Prada shirt  /  Photography by Sean Dougherty

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