I Got 2 Chainz On

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When I was younger, I used to make my own jewelry.  Before I discovered stores where I could buy beads and tools to start from scratch, I would hack up the jewelry I had and transform them into my own creations.  None of the jewelry pieces I bought ever seemed to be without some fatal flaw that needed to be remedied with a pair of pliers or scissors.  This medallion was great… but not with the chain it came on.  That necklace chain was awesome… but so much better as a bracelet, wrapped twice and tied off with some leather and strung with some silver beads.  There’s not always a lot of (financial) support for those of us who beg and beg and beg our parents to buy us something at the store, then are caught hours later having shredded the poor thing to pieces.  (Some guys stash porn or drugs under their beds.  I stashed jewelry remnants.)  Despite the cloak-and-dagger aspect, I loved the creative process and took a lot of pride in wearing something completely original.  I made pieces for just about every girl I dated through high school and beyond, and still wonder if they have them tucked away somewhere as a fond reminder of our time together.  Or if they burned them in a fire pit with their friends around them chanting, “Let him go.  Let him go.” (Odds are 2:1 in favor of the fire.)  Anyway, the pieces I’m wearing here are not my own design but come as close as possible to something I wouldn’t hack up and rebuild to my own liking.  The variety of shapes and materials in the Vitaly line allows me to style a look completely my own by stacking and balancing and mixing and matching to my heart’s content, and the pieces are affordable enough to be able to be able to do this.  One day I’ll get back to my old scissors and pliers, and show you guys the results.  Or I’ll be lucky enough to secure my own collaboration with a jewelry designer and get to design some pieces from scratch (hint, hint, to any designers reading this).  In the meantime, I hope you like this look, and as always, comment here or on Instagram!

Jewelry by Vitaly Design (here)

Photography ::  Jonathan Jones


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