Crisp Fall Black + White

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Sometimes I feel like my whole closet consists of black, white and gray clothes (like most guys, I guess, who’ve been told at some point in their lives that “black makes you look sooo mysterious! thin! hot! sexy!” ). Of course, these are basic staple colors for building a wardrobe, but I think we all have to pay attention to getting out of a rut.  I put together this look because, while it is basically monochromatic, the color blocks are reversed. Not a white t-shirt with black pants but black on top and white on the bottom.  Just a simple reverse that makes everything look a bit fresher and more modern.

Black jacket with zippers (similar here) :: Gray hooded t-shirt (similar here) :: White skinny jeans (here)

Photography credit:  Jenni Heller

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  1. I adore the way you see clothes. Agree the black does make you look mysterious but your point doesn’t have nothing to do with you but the outfit that’s what I admire about you. Your look is just the back round but the style is the main object and I wish more people understood that. ❤

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