About Sage Goldnik

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Who is Sage Goldnik? He’s been called a “social media powerhouse,” “the Next Fashion It Boy,”“the most influential male influencer you never heard of,” and “a guy who came out of nowhere, kicking the ass of most brand name bloggers with his over-the-top engagement numbers.” Black Book Magazine calls him one of the “most stylish men of NYFWM.” Inside Hook describes him as “the globetrottin’ cat… who proffers tips… for the modern gent on the go.”

If you’re looking for the new voice of Millennials, you have found it. He defies being boxed into a niche, remains fluid in his interests, is ferocious in his individuality and passions… just like his audience. Sage embodies a new generation of influencer, one whose authenticity can be seen in its multi-dimensionality. Kendrick Lamar and Karl Lagerfeld, Skateboarding and Saville Row, James Bond suits and James Dean t-shirts… It’s always a surprise what he’ll post next.

Both established and emerging brands have utilized Sage’s reach and influence to explode their messages and drive awareness of their offerings. Sage’s blog, GOLDNIQUE, is followed by a US and European audience of fashion, travel and entertainment enthusiasts. His audience is comprised of Millennials who strive to live a life of luxury, want to see the world, insist on authenticity in street style, and follow celebrity culture with a passion.

His appeal to them? He’s one of their own.

A former AAA hockey player and professional skateboarder, Sage has lived in Paris, NYC and LA. He started consulting men on dating and fashion as The Romance Strategist at 19 years old, and may very well have been the only person in recorded history to work at Chanel during the week and compete at skateboarding on the weekends. Sage now works as a full-time fashion, travel and lifestyle digital influencer and editor of Goldnique. Goldnique is a lifestyle blog dedicated to the values of individual style, aspirational travel and genuine self-expression. Showcasing Sage’s personal style, grooming and travel tips, Goldnique has become the manual for modern Millennial living.

Previous collaborations include: