California Winter | Macy’s X Tommy Hilfiger


(This post was created in partnership with Macy’s X Tommy Hilfiger Collections and Tommy Hilfiger Denim)

I love a good, old school, preppy look.  When I was little, I walked the quad at Harvard once, and I thought going there was my destiny.  The closest I’ve come to that dream is to dress sometimes like a Harvard-type guy.  You know him, the type of guy who plays rugby on the weekends at his summer house on the Cape and knows his thoroughbreds and escorts debutantes to the Balls, someone like Nate Archibald on “Gossip Girls.”  There’s something very carefree and fun about this style, almost as if I can be an athletic and sophisticated Kennedy for a day.  When I’m feeling this vibe, I always reach for the Tommy Hilfiger pieces in my closet, and I like to layer and layer and layer them.  Rugby shirts tied around my neck or waist over polo shirts, t-shirts under jackets with matching stripes or color blocks, all with a pair of jeans or simple khaki pants.  Now that I’m back in California and my all-black Paris wardrobe doesn’t work as well here, I recently went shopping to add some of these preppy pieces.  Everything I needed to feel like I’m headed to my sailboat or a Harvard study group was all right there in the Tommy Hilfiger department in Macy’s (and online at  I bought them a bit over-sized to get that “I borrowed this from older brother’s closet” look, and we shot in the streets of Beverly Hills 90210.  I still can’t say I’m a Harvard graduate living in LA and sailing on the weekends, but I do a damn good impression in these clothes.


Harbor Rugby Polo Shirt (wrapped around my neck)  ::  Kirk Colorblock Patch Classic-Fit Polo Shirt  ::  Grey Upstate Logo Flag T-shirt  ::  Flag Regatta Jacket  ::  Custom Fit Corduroy Pants in Arizona Khaki  /  All by Tommy Hilfiger and available at Macy’s / Photography by Allen Daniel

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