Business Attire for Creative 20-something’s

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I always get excited to get dressed for a business meeting.  In a way that many of us 20-something’s will understand and relate to, it makes me feel like an adult, as well as giving me a chance to show off my personal brand to others.  First impressions matter a lot (just read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink if you think otherwise), and since I spend a lot of time meeting with new photographers and brands to generate collaboration ideas, I have a sense that what I wear guides the conversation in a subliminal way that is hard to counteract if I get my outfit wrong.

For those of you who know me or follow me, you know that I don’t have any hard-and-fast rules about style, so I won’t talk about BUSINESS ATTIRE RULES.  Still, I do have a “pattern” to suggest if you want to make a professional impression in a creative environment.  3 Classics + 1 Wild Card.  Pairing pieces in this ratio gives the impression that I respect that I’m in a professional environment while also maintaining my identity as a bit of a style rebel.  The 3 Classics can follow the choices of this outfit (checked button-down, black trench coat, fitted suit coat) or they can be your own white button-down or khaki trousers or oxford lace-up shoes.  The Wild Card I chose for this outfit is, of course, the distressed, patched, ripped, shredded and destroyed to within an inch of their lives skinny black jeans.  Other times I’ll choose a funky scarf (although in the States, ANY scarf would most likely qualify as a Wild Card), driving gloves or a knee-length hoodie.

So, good luck at all your meetings, and I hope this helps you make the best impression possible!

Trench coat (here) :: Plaid shirt (similar here) :: Tuxedo jacket (here) :: Sunglasses (here

Photography credit :: Jonathan Jones

Location :: passageway from the Rue de Rivoli to Musée de Louvre, Paris


  1. Man your style has changed since you moved back to Paris! I know you love it there and Im happy for you bro. Keep showing the haters how its done!

    1. Depends on where you work, William, but there are some CRAZY shoes out there that sometimes make more of a statement than you want. I think my 3 Classics + 1 Wild Card can relate to a pair of shoes as well. For example, a classic style, heel and color + Wild Card buckle. Save the ALL Wild Card shoes like these which I love for making a statement on the streets!

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