Modern James Dean

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Anyone who’s lived in LA knows it’s all about the cars.  People you meet always find a way to ask you what kind of car you drive.  Bouncers at the club check to see what kind of car you arrive in as some kind of litmus test of your worthiness to pay for overpriced drinks.  In a city where having a car is not really option, the car you drive is the ultimate reflection of who you are.  The last time I visited LA, I wanted to do a dream shoot featuring one of the ultimate cars around town, the BMW i8.  It’s a stunning piece of machinery, and I put on my best James Dean Does Hollywood outfit to match it:  black jeans, t-shirt and a black moto jacket, paired with some Hollywood bling and Yeezy’s.  It was a cloudy, drizzly day in the hills above LA, which gave this shoot a moody David Lynch feel.

A special thanks to David Lee at Destination Luxury, NK Agency and Lion Heart Lifestyle for arranging and styling this shoot.  My utmost gratitude to The Culver Hotel and Hotel Beverly Terrace for hosting me during my stay.

 Yeezy Boost 350  /  Photography by Allen Daniel

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