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There are certain moments that stand out in the transition from being a teenager to an adult.  Getting your own apartment, buying your own car, getting your first real job, and for men, getting your first professional shave.  For me, laying down in a barber’s chair for the first time was one of those moments when I felt like an adult man.  We’ve all seen old movies and scenes from Mad Men where men in dapper suits spend their lunch break getting a shave by an old Italian guy who keeps all their secrets and makes their 5 o’clock shadow disappear with a hot towel, a Sweeney Todd razor and a slap of aftershave.  So I kind of knew what to expect when I arrived at Martial Vivot for my first shave with Jerome Obry (not an old Italian guy but a super cool French guy who’s totally down-to-earth, even though he’s the go-to for many celebrities).  It turned out to be a more luxurious experience than I thought it would be.  We guys don’t spend a whole lot of time in the “pamper zone” the way girls do, so it was quite a treat to not only get an amazing shave that left my skin feeling as if I never went through puberty, but also to get a scalp massage with essential oils and my eyes freshened with cold cotton pads.  Just to add to this being the ultimate Guy’s Guy experience, they gave me a glass of the ultimate Guy’s Guy drink, bourbon.  The owner, Martial (another Parisian) and I spent some time out back on the patio (actually not a patio but Paul McCartney’s backyard) chatting about Paris, sipping bourbon and enjoying a rare nice day in NYC.  The one thing about getting a professional shave is that it pretty much spoils you for the do-it-yourself shave.  Now I want to go back every week…

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Photography :: Emilio Mendoza



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