Best Mother’s Day Gift for the Stylish Mom

I changed schools a lot when I was younger, which meant that a lot of kids came in and out of my life.  A few, I’ve stayed in touch with over the years; most, I haven’t.  So I’m always amazed when I hear from someone out of the blue who’s found me on Instagram or Facebook and asks me how I’m doing.  Without fail, after we start chatting, they ask about my mother.  And her lipstick.  And her heels.  They all remember her as the coolest mother ever.  She still is.

Yes, my mother still wears her signature look: bright lipsticks and super high heels. Heels so tall that walking long distances with her is really out of the question (“long” meaning more than two blocks).  She still thinks comfort has no place in Fashion.  She still always wants to look her best when we meet and not arrive complaining about ruining her shoes in the rain or apologizing for having to wear “walking shoes” because I’ve made her hike to the restaurant.  I usually send an Uber for her when we get together, but this year for Mother’s Day, I’ve downloaded the app onto her iPhone and surprised her with an Uber Gift Card that she can use whenever she’s going farther than her two-block maximum.  It’s really the perfect gift for her since I wouldn’t dare try to buy her shoes.

I know it’s kind of frowned upon to have a string attached to a gift, but I’m an only child and being a bit selfish comes natural to us only children.  I’ve told my Mama (yes, I’m Southern) that she has to use her Uber credits to meet me at cafés to test out desserts.  It used to be our thing in Paris, searching out the best patisseries in the city and going to Ladurée for every one of her birthdays.  It’s been a lot harder for both of us to get excited about finding the best desserts in the States, but at least we can both dress up like we did in Paris, arrive in style and spend time together.  And now that she has her own Uber credits, she can easily schedule her own rides and never have to walk too far.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Mother’s Day spent with the ones you love and cherish.  

This post was created in partnership with Uber. Gift cards are available online via & Amazon or in-store at Best Buy and Walgreens –  purchase a gift card for your Mom and anyone else in your life who think walking and heels don’t mix!” 


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