Barbershop Confidential: Sharing Some Secrets with Aveda

This post was created in partnership with Aveda and Inside Hook.

“Trust.”  Not a word you’d immediately associate with “hair”, but it’s the only word I think about when I sit in a barber’s chair.  Can I trust him to give me the right cut and style?  Trust him to use professional and effective products?  Trust him to not think I’m a freak when I inevitably confess past style crimes or present obsessions or just plain irritation by my naturally curly hair that I desperately want straightened?  When someone comes at you with a pair of scissors, a sharp razor and a handful of bottles and tubes, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking, “I hope this guy knows what he’s doing.”  I’ve been going to Frank Rizzieri, co-owner of FOURTEENJAY, whenever I’m in NYC, and he’s my trusted master at styling my hair the way I want it.  When I first mentioned to him that I was trying to grow out my hair long on top, he was faced with a big fried mess from my bleached blonde California days.  He recommended invati men™ from Aveda because, while it is formulated to help reduce hair loss due to breakage after 12 weeks of use, it has the added benefit to stimulate the scalp with massage and strengthen the hair, i.e. make my hair look stronger and thicker.  I’ve been using the invati men™ nourishing exfoliating shampoo and scalp revitalizer for about six weeks now, and I LOVE IT!!!  As for styling, I’ve been using the Aveda Men pure-formance™ grooming cream for a smooth look without any goopiness or crispiness.  I don’t do as good a job as Frank does for sure, so we shot the video above with the Inside Hook team so you could get an inside glimpse at how Frank cuts and styles my hair.  True to form, I’m spilling my guts about past style crimes and current obsessions (SELFIES!!!) in real Barbershop Confidential-style because that’s what I do in his chair.  Just trust.