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As I move more into my own music career, I’m reminded of all the artists who came before me and made such a huge impression on my world.  I grew up listening to a lot of old school hip hop and seeing a lot of these legends break new fashion ground with their personal style.  Like them, I’m not afraid to try something new and attention-getting – my latest pink hair – nor throwback to something old that’s worthy of a complete reinvention – an old school pair of tennis shoes.  To give you a couple of ideas for incorporating some retro hip hop style into your life, I’ve partnered with Bally to show you their new Retro Sneaker Collection which reimagines some of their greatest hits from the past, worn by the most groundbreaking hip hop artists ever.  The collection features four iconic styles from the Bally archives which were originally designed as sports shoes but were soon adopted by fashion and music trendsetters.  I’ve paired both styles with some of my favorite spring pieces like a silver mylar jacket and tartan plaid pants since I’m going for a super-edgy, cool look these days, and these shoes are the finishing touch.  The Vita Parcours were originally issued in 1974 and now come in four different colors, the grey with checkerboard detail being my favorite.  They feature a thick sole for comfort and a cool tab detail on the back.  The Super Smash line is available in high-tops and low-tops and are branded with the retro Bally logo on the side.  I love that Bally is paying homage to the fashion and music of old school hip hop artists.  Those artists paved the way for me, so much respect to those in whose footsteps I’m following.  

Bally Vita Parcours Men’s calf suede sneakers in Snuff (checkerboard detail) /  Bally Silio Men’s cotton canvas sneaker in Black with logo / Photography by Allen Daniel


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