Under the Bridges of Paris with My Airwheel


Hey Everyone, by now you probably know that I moved back to Paris! And to celebrate my return, the amazing guys at Airwheel sent me a gift… THE AIRBOARD 1.0! I took it for a spin and had a blast riding it along the Seine. You totally NEED one of these. They’re easy to ride, fun in a Back to the Future way and take a lot less effort than my old skateboard. A bit about it from Airwheel’s site: AirBoard 1.0 is the cutting edge self balancing board that is absolute fun and excitement to use. With pressure pad recognition, the AirBoard is incredibly intuitive and easy to use! Lean in the direction you wish to go, just by pushing your toes down. The Board can spin on the spot and is therefore incredibly easy to turn and navigate. LED display and fantastic workmanship complete this incredible design and futuristic piece of kit! Enjoy the video and thanks for watching, subscribing and commenting! Click here to go follow @theairwheel on Instagram for more awesome gadgets or check them out online here.   Videography credit:  Antonio Barros

  1. Can you do any of your skateboarding tricks on it? Been watching your old youtube videos. Dude you should have gone PRO!

    1. Haha thanks dude. No, just cruising on it though people are doing some insane tricks on it. Check out @theairwheel on youtube and instagram to see them.

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